Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tuesday is the overlooked middle child of the work week.

-- Who's got two thumbs, the title to her car, and a loan statement with "PAID" stamped all over it? *points thumbs at self* This gal. Every day on my work breaks I take a walk around the parking lot, and I have to stop myself from hugging my car and squealing "Mine all mine!" every time I pass it. It's a good feeling.

-- Speaking of cars: I was almost late to work today because there was a guy in front of me at The Light (that intersection is the make-or-break moment of my commute), which meant I couldn't make a right on red. And what did he do when the light turned green? He turned right. He had an Illinois license plate, make of that what you will. Luckily, I was not late. Barely. *gnaws desk*

-- My back has finally returned to normal, hooray! Which means I can put away the heavy stuff and stick to my usual regimen of OTC painkillers, to treat my normal set of aches and pains. Which I've had since I hit puberty. You know how old people sometimes say they're really a young person at heart? A twenty-something in a seventy-something's body? I think I got it the wrong way 'round.

-- On a totally non-related note (she said unconvincingly), my needlework is coming along swimmingly.

-- So I don't get HBO, but I can see it in the channel guide on my TV. Sunday night, I had a hunch and checked the episode title of "Game of Thrones" for this week. Monday morning, I was all like this. It was great. Although I was less than impressed by the people who blamed HBO for that particular plot development; it reminds me of the guy who was furious with Peter Jackson for naming his movie "The Two Towers" because obviously it was an insensitive reference to 9/11. (This was a real thing that happened. When I found it, he had 738 signatures agreeing with him.)

-- Speaking of reactions, I read "The Maltese Falcon" recently and HOLY CRAP that ending came out of NOWHERE. And then the more I thought about it, the more I felt like an idiot because GOOD LORD it was all so OBVIOUS. Kinda broke my brain there for a little while. I'm better now. Mostly.

-- The exterminator's coming today to spray for summer bugs, so I had to lock kitty in the bathroom before I went to work this morning. I put everything she needs in with her, but she's still going to be mad when I get home this evening. Luckily, a few treats should mend the rift quite nicely.

-- That's it; that's all I got. *tap-dances off-stage before the hook comes out*

Lunchtime reading

The new chapter of "Weavers" is now available at Mileage May Vary. Enjoy!