Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There's lyrical dissonance... and then there's this.

Ed Sheeran, a singer/songwriter type from the UK, is a fine-featured redhead with a lovely voice. His song "Lego House" is a touching little tune about a touching little relationship that may just plant a touching little ache beneath your sternum.

Provided the end of the video doesn't have you absolutely laughing your ass off.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a stiff working stiff. Ha, get it?

-- So I get in to work today and find out that while I was out on Monday, we got new computers. Which means now I have to learn Windows 7, whether I want to or not. So far it's not terrible, but there are several things I wish they'd done differently (or just left alone). Ah well. At least I don't have to deal with that live tile nonsense. I've never used it but I'm pretty confident I'd hate it.

-- So two Fridays ago (April 12) I bent over to get something off the floor and my lower back was all like "LOL NOPE". And so I took painkillers and squirmed in my chair at work until I could get to the chiropractor one Friday ago (that's April 19), and he took one look at my back and said "Your right hip is lower than your left." And he fixed that, which unpinched whatever was having such a great time being pinched all day, but I'm still sore and I feel like it could go out again at any moment. Also I'm taking Aleve, which is good for my back but not so great for my stomach.

-- Picked up a copy of "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac at the library shop for like two bucks a couple weeks ago. Got dang that is a good album. If I ever have to do a collaborative project with a bunch of people, I'll make good and sure we all hate each others' guts before we start. On the other hand, it's nice to see they're friends again. She said about people who hit their heyday before she was even born.

-- I like good music. Sue me.

-- We were told to tidy up our desks because there are mucky-mucks coming in next week, so I took the opportunity to put away most of my Lego. I've been meaning to do it for a while now, mostly because I was completely out of room for new pieces and things were starting to get knocked over. Luckily, taking them apart is almost as much fun as putting them together in the first place.

-- Is anyone else watching "The Americans"? Holy crap those are some messed-up people. Good spy shenanigans, though. It's weird because I want Philip and Elizabeth to lose as spies, but succeed as people, and vice versa for Stan. If you're not watching it's well worth catching up on it. They've already been okayed for a second season.

-- Speaking of which, apparently Futurama's been canceled, again. So they're going to use the end of season seven to wrap up the series, again. Which means we'll never see any more new Futurama ever. AGAIN. Futurama is the Rory Williams of the animated sitcom world.

-- Ow my back. *pouts, watches clock, dreams of comfy recliner and tylenol and a hot pad and possibly hot chocolate*

Lunchtime reading

The new chapter of "Weavers" is now available at Mileage May Vary. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I like coffee.

-- I just love it when I make a point-by-point case, complete with evidence and sources cited, as to why something is or ain't so, and the other person just scoffs and says "Well, you're entitled to your opinion." Wait, did I say "love"? I meant the opposite of that.

-- There should be a law that when a congresscritter joins a subcommittee, they have to take (and pass!) a college-level introductory course on the subject in question before they can contribute. They can test out by writing a ten-page paper on the subject (ten-point font, single spaced) and passing a multiple-choice test and oral exam. Said tests will be proctored by experts in the field, not by government employees.

-- Why is it that when a character on TV or in a movie loses the ability to lie, they turn into a tactless spewing fountain of ugly truths? Why doesn't anyone ever just figure out that they can just, you know, only respond to direct questions or even, heaven forbid, learn to word their truths so that people don't get their feelings hurt? Since when are "Nooooo, you look gorgeous" and "hells yeah that dress makes you look fat" the only options? Whatever happened to "It's a lovely color for your complexion?" No wonder kids these days are so messed up. Even "Gravity Falls" slapped this trope all over, which was very disappointing.

-- A rule I've often heard for writing good stories is to create characters you like, and then put them through hell. So if that's what makes a good novel, "Weavers" is going to be hella excellent. She said modestly, then turned away and rubbed her knuckles, cackling wildly.

-- I can't really get away with saying things like "hella excellent", can I? I'm sorry. I'm not very street.

-- I crumbled like pastry and drove my car to work today instead of riding my bike. On the one hand, I have laundry to do later and it's easier to load the car in the morning and drive straight there after work. On the other hand, biiiiiiiiiiike. Tomorrow. Pinky swear. I promise.

-- This weekend I will spend my Lego money on fancy grown-up perfume, because I'm not a fancy grown-up person but I play one on TV. Also I really really like this scent and the little sample bottle I've been using is almost completely dry.

-- I've been taking long weekends to burn some use-it-or-lose-it vacation days left over from last year. I have two more to go. Everyone in my department is counting down until I come back to full five-day weeks. It's nice to be needed. (She said modestly, then turned away and rubbed her knuckles, cackling wildly.)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

No headdesking today; I've already got a headache.

Earlier today I got an e-mail forward from a coworker about how Glade Plug-ins will burn your house down. I*-ed it (like I always do), and whaddaya know: It's not true. So I hit "Reply All" and sent the link. A few minutes later, my coworker told me she liked my joke about Snoops -- I assume she meant Snoop Dogg? I explained what Snopes was, and a few minutes after that I got this e-mail back from her:

Well, Snopes may believe that because they still have a house and it probably stinks! LOL But, I rather be safe than sorry and homeless! Tell Snope that logic[smiley face]
I'm going to start putting Kahlua in my coffee.

* is run by a nice Canadian couple and is funded by Netflix pop-ups. They have no affiliation with George Soros, and they're about as reliable a source as Wikipedia -- good for general knowledge and information, but I wouldn't cite them as a source on your term paper.

True story.

Saturday was beautiful so I hopped on my bike and went for a ride. It was cold, but I was bundled up so I didn't really feel it. I thought I'd ride down to a bagel place a couple miles away, just a nice straight shot down a five lane road that really isn't busy at all at noonish on a weekend. Plus the posted limit is 35 miles per hour, so technically it's bike-friendly. Two nice wide lanes in either direction, barely a car in sight, smooth tarmac, all nice-nice for riding. Until one of those oversized luxury SUVs blasted past me with literally inches to spare. We're talking a foot of clearance at most, and there was no other traffic around. Every other lane was empty.

You better believe I took the Lord's name in vain. And I'll drop an f-bomb before I do that.

I honestly don't know what goes through a person's mind that makes them so cavalier with other people's safety. But I will say that of all my close calls on the road, one was a Hummer H2, one was a ten-year-old Mustang, and one was the aforementioned luxury SUV. I hoped for a second that I could catch the driver at the next light and politely inform them of the minimum safe passing distance for cyclists, but that light stayed green and they were long gone. I decided to get off that road ASAP, abandoning the quest for bagel times and looping back to a nearby Starbucks instead. Turned out I couldn't stand having food in my mouth (although coffee went down just fine; addiction's a bitch). I did some grocery shopping at the Whole Foods next door, carefully pedaled home and spent the rest of the weekend curled up in my jay-jays watching Doctor Who. Sunday was an even nicer day that Saturday, but I wasn't about to touch that bike.

And that was my near-death experience. How was your weekend?