Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Meet the new year, actually much different from the old year

-- So instead of snuggling up in my jimjams and watching the new Green Lantern episode this Saturday, I get to take my car to the shop and spend an hour or two praying it just needs a new battery. I'm 90% sure that's all it is. The other 10% is keeping me up at night.

-- The Saturday after that, I get to spend the morning taking my cat in to have her teeth cleaned. She will not be happy. The upside is that a) she'll be healthier for it, and b) she'll be too groggy from the anesthetic to chase me down and try to hamstring me like an antelope. (This is an actual concern in my day-to-day life. She's a pretty hefty cat.)

-- The way the woman behaves in those "Are ya thirsty, Angus?" commercials leads me to believe that Angus is probably tied up in a closet somewhere, and that his friends and family have been looking for him for at least a week.

-- Fiction Friday returns this week with Chapter 8: "Contact With The Enemy". I don't know about you guys, but I'm having tons of fun with this project. And I start writing the next one next week! (But you won't see it until March, because them's the rules and also I am not a machine, you guys.) Yay, accomplishments!

-- It's always good to stay open-minded and be willing to try and rebuild relationships. But it's also good to recognize when it would take too much of yourself to do so. Draw the line, close the door, pack your bags, do whatever it is you have to do. Don't listen when they tell you it's all in your head, and don't look back. "We'd be happy if only you'd cooperate" is rarely an accurate assessment of the situation.

-- The Doctor Who Christmas special was super awesome and I am crazy excited to see where the back half of season 7 goes. I kinda want a new version of Clara/Oswin to come at the beginning and die at the end of every episode, just so we can get fan art of her comparing notes with Rory. Also if Oswin is involved with the Fields of Trenzalor I will probably have a stroke.

-- I turn 30 this year, although not for a good long while, and it's got me all soul-searchy and stuff. On the other hand, I pay my bills on time and I keep myself and my living space clean; that's all I'm going to let anyone ask of me. And remember: You're never too old to enjoy those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. You get double-bonus points if you make a forest out of your broccoli and march them through it to the slopes of Mount Mashed Potatoes.

-- Try not to wear yourselves out too soon, folks. We've got 363 more days to go.


Tam said...

"I turn 30 this year..."

It feels just like 29. Promise. :D

Joanna said...

I will celebrate by buying ALL THE LEGO. I may or may not get a tattoo.

og said...

You have skin like a china doll. A tat would seem out of place, but that's just me.

In Dibney in Florida, they have a Lego store. It is literally made of lego. There are life size statues made of lego, and a lego serpent easily twenty feet long in the pond. You can stand there at a table and make Lego things. And they will keep letting you go back to the bins and get more lego.
Did you ever see James May's lego house?

Joanna said...

I want to spend the weekend in James May's Lego house.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

53, on the other hand, did NOT feel like 29.

And now that I've popped my back out again (two days ago, lugging 131 magazines into the shipping place to be mailed--don't ask), I'm not sure it doesn't feel like seventy-nine.

But enough about me.

og said...

meh. 53 isn't too bad. Considering the things I've done and still made it this far, I'm impressed. I am impressed that I can still walk erect and make it through most days with minimal pain. All my stuff still works the way I want it to and the important stuff works really well. All in all, if the next twenty are like this, if I'm lucky enough to get another twenty, it willbe just fine.