Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Remember how my car wouldn't start unless I had everything (radio, lights, fan) turned off? And then I had the battery changed and that made everything fine again?

Except it didn't, and now I'm back to where I was before. I did in fact need a new battery, but that hasn't solved the problem of "no dammit please I've been holding down the key for 15 seconds already why won't you just turn over I am going to be late to work oh wait the radio's on" *click* *wait* *rrrrr-rr-br-brammm* "oh thank God." I have no idea what's wrong. Could there a fault in the electrical system somewhere? Is it going to burst into flames next time I go to the grocery store? Is this going to be hella expensive? Probably; my car's so small even minor repairs take forever because they have to take half the engine apart just to reach the area of concern. And hella expensive means, well, hella expensive. And I really don't want to try and ride my bike everywhere this time of year. It could be done, sure, but it would suck eggs and be a giant pain in the ass and I'd have to get a big ol' duffel bag to haul around my laundry. (Although I admit that now I'm starting to brainstorm how that would work, and the puzzle of it kind of intrigues me.)

Life is awesome.


og said...

An Autozone will be able to put a charge tester on your car to see that it is charging properly, and also make sure they tightened the battery cables properly. Autozone does this testing for free.

A new battery wants a deep charge, too. That means driving it around- usually twenty or thirty miles- to make sure it gets fully "Filled". if you haven't had the opportunity to do so, you might consider it.

if your alternator is getting weak, and you have a place close to your apartment where you can put an extension cord, you can connect a "Trickle charger" to the battery to keep it "Topped off". The trickle charger will be inexpensive, the cost of some lego. There's one for sale at harbor Freight for $10. This will easily get you through the winter without having to replace the alternator.

the possibility exists that the battery was just insufficiently charged; the battery terminals may also not be adequately tightened. BY ALL MEANS go to Autozone and ask,they are very helpful and will do all those diagnostic tests for free. Sorry i don't live closer, I'd swing by and look at it myself.

Joanna said...

Hit Autozone and drive around for an hour after work today -- check. I didn't know about the deep charge thing, but it makes sense; this is the second week with the new battery and everything was fine for the first.

I'm having my oil changed on Saturday at the same place as did the battery, so if it's still a problem by then I will definitely mention it while I'm there. They're pretty good about the "sure we'll tighten that bolt for you, no charge" type of thing.