Friday, December 21, 2012

Fiction Friday's Christmas Vacation

Fiction Friday will be out of the office until the New Year, because holidays. Regular programming will return Jan. 6th 4th, because apparently I can't work a calendar. Some hints to tide you over:

-- Michael loses his temper and says some naughty words, tsk tsk.

-- The gang all get tattoos.

-- Nothing says "trouble" like a live MacGuffin.

-- Or a wild goose chase.

-- Or people who keep showing up at the worst possible time.

-- Nothing good ever happens at abandoned shopping malls.

Now go spend time with your families or your pets or that six-pack of drifters that pretends to be your family in exchange for you letting them sleep in your shed.

Merry Christmas!

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og said...

A crummy commercial!

Merry Christmas!