Thursday, November 29, 2012

It'd tank with the Academy, but the box office would love it.

Know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see a fairy tale where the princess is smart and well-educated and has her own opinions, and maybe not everybody appreciates that but it's because they have their own issues, not because "ZOMG she's a gurl", and it's generally seen as a good thing because after all she's going to be running the country someday. And when she marries it's because she made a politically and financially advantageous arrangement with a guy she could stand to be around for more than two seconds, and while they do develop a relationship it takes several years and is based mostly on mutual respect and appreciation, and neither of them falls head-over-heels for a member of the household staff. And she uses her power, influence and substantial resources to accomplish her goals, most of which are political in nature and none of which involve a wicked uncle or an assassination attempt. And sure, there's maybe a time or two where she feels the constraints of her position, but she deals with it like a mature adult because she's secure enough in her identity that it doesn't really bother her, and she's also aware that duty and privilege go hand-in-hand, and she does enjoy the perks of her high station, and that's totally okay. And she definitely doesn't want to run off and be a peasant, not because she's ignorant of their lifestyle but because she's toured her country and seen it up close, and she knows better than to either dismiss or romanticize her subjects. And while she prepares to eventually take over and become ruler, it doesn't happen on screen because a coronation (just like a wedding) is the beginning of a story, not the happy ending of one.

There would definitely be at least one scene with a huge pimped-out ball gown that takes her like four hours and six helpers to get into, because pretty dresses and jewels are awesome. However, she will not complain about the required structural undergarments.

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