Thursday, November 03, 2011

"You make $700,000 a year! What did you spend it on?" "Shoes."

Bought some adorable boots with my birthday money (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!), but when I went to break them in they didn't fit right. I have small feet and round calves, so if they fit my leg they don't fit my foot, and vice versa. One "I'd like to return these" later, I'm debating whether to buy boots online, from a company that I know fits my feet, or to drive all over hoping to find something similar that I won't have to pay shipping (and that I can try on in the store).

Although now that I spell it out that way, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go the online route. It's Converse, and I know they'll fit. (And the shipping's free if you spend more than $75, which I will.)

ugh blargh i wish my feet would just be normal.


Nathan said...

Sally has a similar problem...tiny feet, high arch, nothing fits right. She can't even get her feet into most non-zippered high-top boots.

Sadly it isn't something that goes away as you get older :(

og said...

My nephew has feet so big he has to put his pants on over his head. me, i just wish they would make mens drawers so the leg holes were proportional to the waist- if you're a big guy, they seem to think either a: you have toothpick legs, so a pair of 46" waist underwear has 5" diameter leg holes, or b: they think you're a hippo, and the leg holes MATCh the waist.