Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How many debunked studies does it take to change a movement?

Since Michelle Bachman has turned out to be a loon, and therefore this stuff is in the news, I thought I would cross-post this from my comment at Say Uncle: What bugs me the most is the anti-Gardasil crowd who get all worked up because their little girl will never be anything but chaste until marriage, and then be perfectly monogamous after that. Suppose she succeeds at that — what if she marries a guy who had a wild youth before he settled down? What if, God forbid, she gets raped? A girl’s likelihood of having sex is dependent on many factors, and whether she’s had a shot is one of the least of them. Get the damn vaccine!

(Side note: In the 1800s, England had several deadly smallpox outbreaks. Ireland and Scotland had practically none. This is because the former had anti-vax agitators, and the latter two didn't. Some things never change.)


Frank W. James said...

Sorry Joanna, but the old "If it only saves One Life..." argument is a slippery slope that I'm very familiar with from our battles with gun control and other anti-freedom movements.

If Perry's mandate did, in fact, allow an 'opt-out' clause, then I'm good with it, but IF it didn't, then this was just another fascist political scheme forced on the unwilling by those seeking an advantage of one form or another.


All The Best,
Frank W. James

Joanna said...

I'm talking about opposition to the vaccine itself, not to government mandates regarding same.

Mike W. said...

Agreed. The fearmongering about the vaccine itself is just moronic on Bachmann's part.