Thursday, September 15, 2011

Head + Desk

Now my car's stalling at intersections, and the "check engine" light is on. AutoZone's code reader doohickey said "system too lean". It goes back to the shop first thing Friday morning.
It's been one of those weeks.

UPDATE: Somebody didn't mail something to do with my insurance while I was out for recovery, and therefore today's paycheck didn't come in*. My godmother is giving me a ride to the bank on my lunch break so I can deposit $19 in small bills and loose change, so I won't be overdrawn on Monday when two necessary expenses come due. I am, shall we say, stressed. I'm not asking for sympathy, just venting. A good part of this is me being a idiot with money instead of saving up like a good little saver, but -- and this is the big BUT -- some of it is in fact beyond my control. Namely, the timing. I was not expecting my car to break twice in one week, to the tune of more than a grand. Again, just venting.

UPDATE II: Bank run postponed 'til Monday. Thanks, North.

* This is where I would embed a video of Milton from Office Space if I could get my hands on one.


North said...

"system too lean"


og said...

This is a nuisance alarm, the oxygen sensor in the exhaust has sensed too much oxygen. The problem is one of three or four things:

1: An air line or hose in the engine compartment accidentally got knocked off during it;s service (VERY commmon)
2: Someone changed the air filter and forgot to reconnect the intake hose or EGR hose properly (Also, very common)
3: the MAF sensor is dirty or has sucked up some oil or dirt. Less common, but the fix usually involves spraying the sensor with a can of MAF sensor cleaner or electronics cleaner.
4: One or more spark plug wires is loose. (very uncommon, and usually the car won't run at all if it is)

You can open the hood and look for any obvious loose or missing wires or hoses. There's a big plenum thing, usually plastic or rubber, that goes from the air filter box to the engine. Grab this and wiggle with some authoirity. It it wiggles loose easily,or if there's hoses loose around it, that might well be your problem. (If i had to guess, I'd guess thye didn't reaffix the hoses properly after the oil change)

Joanna said...

It's been stalling since last Friday, and when I talked to the mechanic today (same guys who did my tires earlier in the week), he said it's a part that has honest-to-God worn out and has to be replaced. The car's got 60,000+ miles on it, so I guess it's expected as far as wear-and-tear goes. I just wasn't expecting it to happen this week, you know?

Again, I would be in a lot better shape if I'd gotten paid on time. Our HR gal is working on it, but I am, shall we say, a little on edge.

North said...

UPDATE II: You are most welcome!