Friday, August 26, 2011


So after two weeks of an INCREDIBLY ITCHY bandage, I finally got it taken off and had the stitches removed from my incisions. The main slice is about an inch longer than last year's, but it's considerably neater and closed up with a lot less scarring. There are also two small incisions (one or two stitches each) from the scope. I have a small bandage now that I can take off on Monday, but the rest of my skin can finally start to heal.

Of course, I'm still stuck at home for another two weeks, but hey. Progress is progress. (Unfortunately, the blogmeet has gone from "hopefully, maybe" to "definitely not, unless a miracle occurs". :-( Next time!)

Just like last year, pic below the fold!


North said...


Guffaw in AZ said...

Good deal!

Hat Trick said...

Good to hear that you're making progress in your recovery. Too bad about the blogmeet.

og said...

You were missed. The meet was awesome. Still, you'll be that much better off when you've healed properly.