Saturday, August 20, 2011

A comic you should be reading, and why.

For some reason -- and I honestly can't quite put my finger on why -- the Aug. 16 strip for Spacetrawler is probably the most touching moment I've seen yet in the series. Martina's character has shown incredible growth (they all have to some degree, although Dimitri's kinda always pegged the awesome meter*), but it's been done in such a subtle, skillful way that it almost feels like you're watching your friends in the next room, instead of characters on a computer screen. That's a rare thing in any media. Anyway, you should be reading Spacetrawler. Start at the beginning. Your socks will rock right off.

*Yes, that's a drink in his hand. Yes, he almost always carries it. Yes, even in battle. Yes, he's Russian.


og said...

Hows the foot, lady? Still under influence of painkillers?

Hope you're bestest soonest.

greg said...

I read to fast, and caught up to his current I have to wait just like everyone else...