Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun with geography

Here's a nifty doodad that gives you a map of the states (or countries) that you've visited. Here's mine:
visited 15 states (30%)

I included states that I've driven through, because I like to pay attention and watch out the window on road trips, and because it's technically true -- I was there, even if I didn't get out of the car. North Carolina gets included because I had a couple layovers there on the trip to/from California. There's no option for Washington, D.C., but you can pretend there's a dot there because I've been there too.

I do so enjoy road trips.

1 comment:

Cond0010 said...

Gee, Joanna, you sure don't get out much. :(

But then... that leaves plenty of new and exciting stuff for you and 'The Jack' to do. There's always a silver lining....