Friday, February 18, 2011

The white, fluffy doom is gone! Finally!

So it took, what, two? three? weeks for all the ice and snow to melt off my driveway, which means I no longer take my life (and ankles) into my hands when I go out to the car in the morning. My prediction: This will last about a week, and then we'll get socked with another blizzard and everyone will be all OMG SNOWMAGGEDON again (or all OMG SNOWwhatever, I got stuff to do; it's pretty much a coin-toss by this point in the season).

That said: This comic had me cracking up all over, mostly due to the guy's expression in the first panel in the right-hand column. The artist managed to capture that mix of irritation and irrational, seething hatred of all things weather-related that comes to all most adults when waking up to an unexpected snowfall. I used to say winter was my favorite season, but I think I'm revising that to autumn. And I don't even have a long commute. Things will get interesting when I eventually move.

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