Friday, February 25, 2011

Notes for Friday because it's FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY

-- I'm not a terrifically unlucky person, and I do my best to stay above it/bull through it when my turn comes around. That said, when it comes to my status as a part-time cripple, I could stand to work on my timing. At least it's supposed to warm up this weekend.

-- Got some extra time this weekend? Here are some people (currently in Illinois) who would love to hear from their fellow Hoosiers. I recommend calling between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. this weekend. Everybody knows those are the fun time to get a phone call!

-- The kitty I mentioned yesterday (who just needed some love and pet and attention and got it in spades last night and now she's behaving herself again) has cheap tastes in cat food. I can buy a 10 lb. bag of cat chow for $10 and it'll last for, I dunno, four or five months. Except I bought a bag on my most recent trip to the store, and the price had gone up by almost $1.60. I wasn't surprised. This whole week has had kind of an apocalyptic feel to it, but not in the "zombies are coming" sense. More in the "everything's changing and all we can do is change with it" sense. Do I think everything will completely fall apart tomorrow and we'll all be scrabbling for food in the wilderness? No, no I don't. Am I going to start buying a few bulk staples, just in case? Yes, yes I am. The "system" isn't going to go away overnight, but it can fall apart alarmingly fast. I want to be able to hold out until things are up and running again (whatever that looks like).

-- OMG kittehs! Maru loves boxes, but here's a box that stumps him! Whatever will Maru do?

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