Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I really, really hope I'm overthinking this.

I like The Plain White Tees. They're a happy little band that sings happy little songs, and they make me smile. However, their latest song, "Rhythm of Love", raises some disturbing questions. (You can listen to it and read the lyrics here.)

Now then: The song is written as an address to the person in front of the singer -- "We may only have tonight, but 'til the morning sun you're mine", etc. BUT: The first two verses speak of a third party -- "She says 'Boy, quit fooling around'"; "She's got blue eyes deep like the sea"; etc. Only the third verse addresses the person spoken to in the chorus, and it ties back to said chorus in a weird way: "And long after I'm gone/you'll still be humming along/And I will keep you in my mind/The way you make love so fine". This leads to an obvious (and disheartening) conclusion: The singer is about to leave his current girl for greener pastures, but they're having one last fling before he goes. The only other explanation is that the songwriter failed to grasp the idea of voice continuity, and that's depressing in an entirely different way. Stupid poppy pop songs.

The worst part: This would never have occurred to me if I wasn't such a massive grammar nerd. *facepalm*

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