Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party 2010

So I know I said I'd have this post up by Friday night, but events intervened and it had to wait 'til now. I apologize for making a liar of myself, but keep in mind this blog is a hobby, not a job. Anyway:

So the main speaker at the Tea Part was Bill Whittle, which I got a huge kick out of because I've been reading his stuff for years, wayyyy back in the early 'oughts before pajamas were even part of the blogging vocabulary. The gist of his speech was that we are privileged to live in a country where we can overthrow our government without firing a shot (thanks in large part to a lot of men who shot and were shot at in the past). America is unique in history in that the ballot box is our greatest weapon; the only reason we've lost in the recent past is because the other side is better organized for this kind of thing. That, he pointed out, is a very fixable problem; he quoted the American forces as Bastogne: "The Germans have us surrounded -- those poor bastards!"

He also started his speech by saying how great it was to leave California and come back to the U.S., which got a lot of applause.

I took a picture but I was at the back of the crowd so he's crazy small and hard to see, so I won't post it here. I did, however, get some good crowd shots:

I'd say all in all about two thousand people, and all quite normal and well-behaved, thankyouverymuch. The mood was pretty positive and it was a good experience, and even though I couldn't stay 'til the end, at least I can say I showed up.

Plus I got to see Bill Whittle! Squeeeeeeeee!

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The Jack said...

Here's a video of Whittle's speech from last week.

I was there... but forgot to turn my camera on. Smoooth.