Monday, February 15, 2010

Better living through chemistry, my fanny.

I have a sensitivity to food coloring, where artificial dyes trigger my ADHD symptoms and produce a feeling not unlike mild intoxication. It's like being a little bit drunk, only my reactions are hyped up instead of depressed. It's a fun time. FD&C Red 40 (think Twizzlers) is by far the worst offender. And this being the day after Valentine's Singles' Awareness Day, everyone's passing out candy at work -- so I spent the morning being bombared with red red RED candy. I feel like Dracula at a garlic festival. Next person who lobs a lollipop at me gets the old "shrink back and hiss."

I did get some chocolate, though, and my parents took my sister and me to brunch yesterday, so that was fun. And they were kind enough to swing by my storage unit on the way back so I could get my crutches, so I'm a bit more mobile now. Still driving with the left foot, though.

I have far too much practice at this kind of thing.

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