Friday, January 22, 2010

Thoughts Friday Random

Syntax is for suckers.

My back hurts today, not in the "ow call a doctor" sense but in the "mmm I've been exercising" sense. I like muscle aches if they come from hard work or prolonged exertion; they mean I'll sleep well and that I've accomplished something useful.

If you make a batch of cookies inspired by a friend's recipe and find yourself in danger of overindulging, just bring them to work. Office full of women + chocolate = locusts, so you don't get (as) fat.

I seriously want to try baking Irish soda bread over coals in a dutch oven. I've got no real reason to do it except to see if I can, but that's enough for me. Immediate downside: I don't own a dutch oven.

Just once, I would like my job explained to me by someone who actually knows how to do it. Just once. Is that too much to ask?

I would much rather work with a quiet slacker than a productive whiner, mostly because management has a built-in reason to get rid of the former if it gets too bad.

All my shows are coming back on at the same time, and all but one are past my bedtime. Thank God for Hulu.

Go Colts? I haven't really been paying attention. I don't even know what round this is. Are we winning? Did Manning hit a home run?

That's all I got. Happy Birthday Tam!


mts1 said...

He missed the home run, but won with a better free throw percentage when the other guy got called for icing.

Tam said...