Friday, January 08, 2010


Lunches are being stolen from the breakroom fridges at work, to the point where they've put up signs about it.

I don't get that.

The way I was raised, you simply do not touch other people's food (or anything else, for that matter) without permission. Heck, all I had to do as a child was write "MINE" or "NOT YOURS" on something in big block letters for it to be left alone. But it's not just the personal boundaries thing; it also means that someone in our office is a thief, and a petty one at that. How desperate do you have to be to stoop to that level? Or rather, how low do you have to be already for it not to be a big deal? They say stolen food tastes sweeter, but I imagine the subsequent antacids and sleep-aids kind of bring down the high.


Shermlock Shomes said...


Old Grouch said...

Betcha it's somebody who's on a new-year's-resolution diet:

6am: "I'll be good and skip lunch today."

11:30: "I'm HUNGRY!!!"

Brown paper bag with a mousetrap inside?

og said...

I have a couple co-workers who are horrid for that. I remember seeing "Matt: I spit on this pizza" to try to ward off one co-worker. There were worse examples but this is a G rated blog.

Nathan said...

I'm thinking locking lunchbox.

In fact, I've got this little cash box here with a lock on it that would be just the right size for a lunchbox. $15 at Staples. Just don't lose your key :)

Hat Trick said...

I know of a case where a high school Home Ec. student's baking projects kept disappearing from her locker. She and my mom, who was the Home Ec. teacher, cooked up a batch of Ex-Lax brownies. Most of the starting line-up of the football team including her boyfriend wound up being incapacitated for the game that night.

Mikee said...

If someone is stealing other folks' lunches it is an interesting social problem.

If someone is stealing my lunch, the next one I bring in will keep them on a toilet for a week, gushing from both ends.

Rick T said...

Nah, just douse everything in 600,000 scoville unit hot sauce. Burns both ends!