Thursday, December 14, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get that girl some real food, quick

My roommate watches a lot of Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Given that we live in a small apartment and I can't really get away from the TV without actually leaving, I've had to sit through a lot of these. After a year and a half, I have come to the following conclusion: those movies are designed to keep people comfortable in their preconceived notions. The woman is always a saint or a martyr - or, if she's evil, she's a stereotypical evil. The man is always either Prince Charming or abusive. There's never any inbetween characters for either gender. The plots are pedestrian at best, providing nothing more thought provoking than "Will she escape?" or "Awwww." There's no challenge, nothing to engage the higher thought processes. Even the filming is usually sub-par. These movies are designed to affirm and reassure shut-ins and insecure housewives by manipulating their emotions without engaging their brains.

Right now, they're running holiday specials pretty much 24/7, and while there's nothing technically wrong with most of them, there's nothing really right about them, either. There's no nutrition. They're empty calories, to stretch an analogy. Instead of a good hearty roast or some fresh green vegetables, these channels constantly pump out white bread and weak tea. They're like a big iced cake: All pretty colors and icing on the outside, but once you get into the middle there's no redeeming quality aside from the sugar. You shouldn't eat nothing but cake all the time. These channels starve the intellect.

And I know, I know, there are other shows on those channels. My roommate likes to watch M*A*S*H*, a show about flippant doctors and an absolute harpy of a nurse, and "The Golden Girls", a show about four old women living together: the dumb one, the slutty one, the cynical one and the cynical one's mother, who has a runaway mouth. No. Redeeming. Characteristics.

I know my roommate's not alone. I know there are millions of women who watch this drek faithfully. And I have a theory that if they turned off those channels and cut off the adolescent sensibilities they promote, we'd have a lot more women get over living as little girls in women's bodies.

A brief amendment: On further reflection, I realized that my above assesment of the typical gender roles as shown on these channels is not entirely accurate. I have seen several movies where neither the man nor the woman is totally perfect or totally evil, but just human. However, in these movies, the woman isn't usually happy until she finally hooks up with the guy. They never show a woman deciding that she can be happy without a man unless she's been abused by one. Or at least, they never show the movie ending that way. Sometimes it happens in the middle, but it always works out that she needs a guy to be "whole." Bleh.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A nasty situation

The night before last I came home to find my hairbrush full of my roommate's hair. I know it was her hair because it was longer, blonder and thinner than mine, and because I always clean out my brush right after I use it. This was way more hair than I ever let accummulate. So I asked her, "Hey, did you use my hairbrush?"

She looked me right in the face and said, "No."

I don't really have too much of a problem with her using my brush - it's not like it was my toothbrush - but I have a big problem with being lied to. If it happens again I'm going to confront her about it.

Besides, if she lies about something as petty as an unauthorized brushing, what else might she not tell the truth about?

Sunday, December 03, 2006