Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Dorm Chronicles, part III

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The following exchange is real. I'm using nicknames because my mom would freak if I didn't.

"Hey, if I write 'To Her Royal Highness Frogpop [my nickname for our youngest sister]' on the envelope, will it still get mailed?" asked Sis from her seat at the desk.

"Sure," I replied from the armchair. "Hey," I continued, slumping down in a mock-sulk, "how come you never write to me?"

"I e-mailed you all the time!" she protested, referring to my first two years away from home.

"I said 'write.' Present tense."

"Oh." Sis sat up very straight and pretended to write. "Dear Hannah, how are you? How's the weather over there? I think your side of the room is hotter than mine." She paused, and continued 'writing.' "Pass the milk."

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry no bloggee; been too busee. Will attempt to do better. Got to go, very late.

zzzz -_- <---me, asleep.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Dorm Chronicles, part II; also, some spiritual thoughts

While I was writing the previous post, my sister was standing at her dresser, fingering some coins. Suddenly she spoke, saying "I love playing with the little bits of money the government lets me have."

Sheer. Weirdness. Abounds. Abandon sanity, all ye who enter here.

You know, that's another thing: what exactly does it mean to "abandon hope"? Does it mean that we should stop believing in a better tomorrow, or that we should ignore the memory of the late comedian? Either way, it's not very comforting.

On a more serious note, in my own mind (and I could be way wrong on this, but it makes sense to me and squares with what I know to be true), I think Dante's Hell exhorts the damned to abandon hope because in Hell, there is no presence of God. Don't get me wrong, He's still omnipresent. I just think that He withdraws Himself from Hell the same way people withdraw themselves from conversations: they're still in the room and still observing, but they're not participating. Or rather, they're participating in the sense that God still has to run everything because without Him, it would all fall to pieces, but for the souls in torment it must be the greatest torture of all to know that they are completely and eternally severed from the grace and the glory and the bliss of the worship of the Heavenly Father. Praise God that He has kept us and will keep us in His loving care, that we may not stumble and fall.

My Office Max adventure

I went to Office Max today to buy a jump drive; they had a 512 MB drive advertised for $30 (after mail-in rebate) in the Sunday paper, so I went to take advantage of the sale. They sell jump drives by putting slips of paper with the specs of the different models out on the shelves, and you pick the one you want, take the slip to the cashier, and then he or she takes the slip and gets the drive from a locked room at the side of the store. Well. The one I wanted (or rather, the appropriate slip of paper) wasn't on display so when my sister and I were staring at a portable DVD player that was showing "The Return of the King" and a salesman asked if he could help us, I said yes.
I told him about the ad, and he went and got the appropriate item out of the little locked room, I paid for it and my other purchases, and I left. I was quite pleased with the service I received, and I will be going back there again if I need office-type supplies.

They were also the first store I've been to in weeks that had cartridges for my printer. This is another mark in their favor.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Weather has college students baffled

Yeah, the title says it all. The day before yesterday, the high temperature was up near seventy. When I got up this morning, the temperature was 21 degrees, with a windchill in the single digits. It's like my mama always said: "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait fifteen minutes and it'll change." I think it's probably because of our geographic location: We're close enough to Canada and the Great Lakes to get the messy stuff from that direction, but we're also close enough to the Mississippi river and the Gulf of Mexico to get the messy stuff from there, too. We even get the remnants of hurricanes in the summer. We get floods, we get tornados, we get blizzards, and we even get the occasional mild earthquake. Basically, we get enough of everything to be inconvenienced, but not enough of any one thing to really hold our own in a complaining contest. About the only thing that's really consistent around here is the unpredictability.