Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back from hiatus...

... because I wuv you guys so much, and also because I will be out of a job come January. Which blows, but when you work in a dying industry (seriously, phone books, I mean come on) it's kinda expected to come sooner or later. I was just hoping for later. The good news is that I've got almost four months to get myself a new source of income, hopefully one that doesn't involve busking or shovels or selling body parts (my own or anyone else's). At this point the plan is to stick it through to the end, because if I leave before the set date I don't get a severance package and that will have some sweet sweet payout for unused vacation time. So, anyway, I just thought I'd put the word out: If you or someone you love has mesothelioma knows where a journalism grad with five years in the non-journalism workplace can find a job, I'd love to hear about it. Now, where's that can of resume polish...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Now hear this!

I have decided to place RFAA on indefinite hiatus. Yes, I know. Again. But! I'm not faking my death and running off to Monaco with a suitcase full of embezzled money (I know, again), I'm just officially shifting my focus to Mileage May Vary, which will continue to update with new content every Tuesday and Friday. The only thing I've been posting here is updates that something new was over there, and making two blog posts for each single installment was annoying as hell. It's probably all crap over there but I'm enjoying it and that's what counts.

Anyway., AKA Mileage May Vary. It's thataway.